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Designer Jewelry by Jan McClellan

Petrified Dinosaur Bone

petrified dinosaur bone

Facts:Agatized Dinosaur Bone is dinosaur bone that has been petrified, permineralized or replaced with agate-type compounds. This process has only occurred in a few areas on the surface of the earth. The original bone material has been replaced in such a manner that the structural detail is perfectly preserved and the interior pores and cavities have been filled with beautiful agatized material.

Only a small portion of the agatized material has the color, clarity and composition that will yield a finely polished piece for jewelry. Most of the dinosaur bone available is in broken blocks and chunks. Often, due to erosion, weathering, the process of deposition and poor collection techniques, these pieces are not associated with the rest of the dinosaur and are of little value to the paleontologist.

It is found on the Colorado Plateau. It is Jurassic Age material, dating from 136,000,000 to 145,000,000 years old.

Fancy: Since it is only recently that the stone has been identified for what it is, I could not find any ancient myths or lore concerning petrified dinosaur bone. Certainly the thought of having a piece of something that lived over 136 million years ago is a thrill.

It has been brought to my attention that some use petrified dinosaur bone for longevity, balance/stability in their life, increasing their chances of being successful in business and several other uses as well.

Finished Jewelry using Petrified Dinosaur Bone

Petrified Dinosaur Bone Cabochons Available for Jewelry

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Source for information about dinosaur bone: The Stone Carver

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